If you're seeing this, you've probably been directed here to help in the rebirth of the Junkradio Project.

This project in both incarnations can be seen as "sexy" and "exciting"; attributes that work in its favour, and against... It gets people in at the early stage, but can be frustrating to not see a quick turnaround and thus people lose interest as it gets overwhelming.

The priority at this stage is to get something up... now. Once we've got something rolling we'll then be enhancing and extending it.

Phase 1 - New Junkradio - The Core Service

Our new "Core service" or baseline for junk radio will be an Enclave themed station broadcasting pro-USA pro-Enclave anti-Muntant propaganda along with public domain patriotic marches and chants, and government-wartime-style PSAs. This is Enclave Radio... or Voice of the Enclave, or something like that.

But... it has a habit of being hacked, interrupted, or over broadcast by other parties with very different views and agendas. Initially this will just be short broadcasts... but then we move to phase 2..

Phase 2 - A splash of pop

Music licensing is expensive, we're going to limit costs in the early days by having just a few hours playing 1950's music. This change in format will be brought by a new DJ-ette hacking the signal with her taste in news, and her own take on things in the wasteland, and the Enclave... Patriots are well advised to avoid such a treasonous broadcast. (If you've heard of Tokyo Rose, Berlin Betty, or Seoul City Sue, you know what to expect!)

We'll also look at others for occasional shows we can "break into" the signal for.

Phase 3 - Gawd knows

You tell us. What can we get away with... cheap?

Happy broadcasting. Agent c (talk) 15:39, May 5, 2014 (UTC)