Character one - Mage

Body 8
Agility 2
Reaction 4
Strength 5
Charisma 2
Intuition 4
Logic 3
Willpower 6
Initiative 8 (+D6)
Essence 6
Magic 6
  • Thermographic Vision (Troll)
  • +1 Reach in Hand to Hand (troll)
  • +1 to Armour (troll)
  • Magician (Can use spells and summon spirits) - Hermetic (Willpower + Logic for drain)
  • Combat Paralysis (Initiative is 4 in first combat round, -3 dice on Suprise test, *+1 to threshold in composure test)
  • Gremlins 2 (needs 2 less 1's in a test to trigger a glitch when using technology)
Active Skills
Spellcasting - 6
Conjuring group (Bsnishing, Binding, Summoning) - 4 (this is for spirits)
Astral Combat - 4 (attacking spirits and other people in the astral realm)
Assensing - 3 (Reading Auras)
Counterspelling - 3
Perception - 2
Ettiqute 2 (Magic specialisation)
Pistols 1
Knowledge Skills (21)
Magical Background 5
Urban Zoology 5
Conspiracy theories 4
Urban Talismongering 4
  • Mannabolt (Affects living beings and spirits, single target)
  • Flamethrower (affects living beings and physical things, not sprits, single target)
  • Stunball (Affects living beings and spirits, Area target)


  • Increase Reflexes (use this just before combat to improve combat performance)
  • Improved Invisibility (Affects living and nonliving things, like cameras).
Armour Vest 6/4
Lined Coat 6/4
CMT Clip Commlink with Vector XIM os
Stimulant patch 4x Rating 5 (used to temporarily ignore stun damage)
2x Trauma Patch
Subvocal Mic
Remington Roomsweeper
30x Shot/Flechette Rounds
30x Regular Ammo
30x Ex Explosive
840 Nuyen

You're a spell slinger, a magician. You can summon, control and Banish Spirits as well as take on the more mundane with your selection of spells. You can also enter the astral realm, and take on the dangers you find there, or just pick up things from peoples auras.

As a troll, you're built like a tank - your high body will help shrug off damage taken. You get extra armour built in, and can see in the dark (thermographic). However, as a troll, you're ugly as sin, and people tend to be afraid of you.

Much like the stereotypical mage, you have a thing against technology, or more to the point, technology has a thing against you. You have a tendency to have bad things happen when you use technology. Due to a prior bad experience, you tend to be a bit slow in combat, freezing up at the start, but when you get going, you really get going (especaily after you cast your Increase Reflexes Spell).

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