Agent c

aka Chad H.

Director Director-General
  • I live in GlasGLOW ruin; United Pancake of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is An'la'Shock
  • I am unable to keep NukaTurtle from taking over.
  • Agent c

    If you're seeing this, you've probably been directed here to help in the rebirth of the Junkradio Project.

    This project in both incarnations can be seen as "sexy" and "exciting"; attributes that work in its favour, and against... It gets people in at the early stage, but can be frustrating to not see a quick turnaround and thus people lose interest as it gets overwhelming.

    The priority at this stage is to get something up... now. Once we've got something rolling we'll then be enhancing and extending it.

    Our new "Core service" or baseline for junk radio will be an Enclave themed station broadcasting pro-USA pro-Enclave anti-Muntant propaganda along with public domain patriotic marches and chants, and government-wartime-style PSAs. This is Encl…

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  • Agent c

    Chars - SR

    September 4, 2013 by Agent c

    Character one - Mage

    Body 8
    Agility 2
    Reaction 4
    Strength 5
    Charisma 2
    Intuition 4
    Logic 3
    Willpower 6
    Initiative 8 (+D6)
    Essence 6
    Magic 6
    • Thermographic Vision (Troll)
    • +1 Reach in Hand to Hand (troll)
    • +1 to Armour (troll)
    • Magician (Can use spells and summon spirits) - Hermetic (Willpower + Logic for drain)
    • Combat Paralysis (Initiative is 4 in first combat round, -3 dice on Suprise test, *+1 to threshold in composure test)
    • Gremlins 2 (needs 2 less 1's in a test to trigger a glitch when using technology)
    Active Skills
    Spellcasting - 6
    Conjuring group (Bsnishing, Binding, Summoning) - 4 (this is for spirits)
    Astral Combat - 4 (attacking spirits and other people in the astral realm)
    Assensing - 3 (Reading Auras)
    Counterspelling - 3
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  • Agent c

    Hi Folks,

    Time to talk about something that might end up being the bane of our existence for when we use other peoples content, Intellectual Property law. I'm not a lawyer, as much as I might want to be, but I know enough to be able to work out that his is a big headache. Hopefully this will explain stuff.

    Basically, copyright gives a creator (that could be you) a monopoly on a creative item, like a story, song, movie, or game. Copyright is pretty specific in what it covers - it covers a specific application of an idea, but not the idea itself. If you want to write a story about an orphan who goes to a magical boarding school, then there isn't thing one JK Rowling can do about it - as long as you don't copy the Harry Potter stories too c…

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  • Agent c

    Getting Organised

    October 17, 2012 by Agent c

    Hello and welcome, willing volunteers.

    If you've found this place, you're almost certainly interested in helping getting the JunkRadio project off the ground. In case you missed it, this is the place we're we're trying to organise audio content, and hopefully eventually a full streaming station for Nukapedia.

    I spoke with Geroge / Lizzunchbox at Wikia the other day, and Wikia seem excited about the possibilities of this project, however we might have to wait a bit for them to have the available time to work on implementation on the technical side, in the meantime, there's time for us to test content. I've indicated that we were planning on looking at a combination of live programming, and an auto-DJ for music during other times, hopefully we…

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