A Tuning Signal is traditionally played before the Sign on/Startup of a station's broadcast day to assist listeners using then manual tuning dials to best receive their station. For JunkRadio, it acts as the indication that the broadcast has begun. It will be played at the start of any test broadcast, and at the official start of the JunkRadio stream. It may also be used to signal the start of live programming (as opposed to automated programming).

Except where played as a part of continuing operations, the Tuning Signal should be followed with the Sign on/Startup sequence. When used to signal the start of live programming, the Station ID may be used instead.

Current Tuning SignalEdit

The recording to use is still to be determined, but will likely be a version of God Save the Queen/My Country tis of Thee. This acts as a link between the UK base of several contributors, and the US base of other contributors, and the US theme of the Fallout series. It will consist of the first verse only.