The Testing Broadcast will be the innaugral test of Junkradio. It will be braodcast twice - a limited invitation to select partners as a teaser as what is coming up, followed by a repeated broadcast after wider marketing campaign.

It will introduce listeners to the format of the station - the encompassing "Voice of the Enclave" format, and break ins/overtransmissions from other parties who will also appear.

Time Item Comments
00:00 Tuning Signal "Our country tis of thee" with the President voice saying after the line "of thee I sing" Welcome, America to The Voice of the Enclave, with the rest of the song continuing after that.
Introduction speech A speech from the President fo the Enclave introducting himself, and welcoming listeners to the station.  The speech is ended by "But before we continue, a quick word from our sponsor - your government"
PSA - Attack Alerts

Variation on the Attack/Fallout Alerts "Potect and survive"

President resumes President welcomes back listners and throws to first song
Song - incomplete
Miss MTL overbroadcast Miss MTL breaks into the broadcast with a special message for Enclave troops.