Test Broadcasts are collections of programmes that are arranged and distributed before the actual launch of the JunkRadio stream. They will be released in a Podcast format.

As the theme for JunkRadio will be based around the Golden Era of Radio any test transmissions should try to emulate traditions that were present during this era. To this effect each broadcast should open with the Tuning Signal and Sign on/Startup before programmes begin. Following all of the other content for the broadcast, the Sign off/Closedown script should be read, followed by the National Anthem. Between programmes, and occasionally in programmes, a Station ID should be mentioned as well.

Test Broadcast 1Edit

Date: TBC

Intended Schedule.

  1. Tuning Signal - Library
  2. Sign on/Startup - Library
  3. News Headlines - Agent c
  4. Opening Gala - Agent c
  5. Undetermined Public Domain programme
  6. Undetermined Programme
  7. Potential third programme
  8. Sign off/Closedown and National Anthem