The following rules apply Project-wide, including the chat.

Prime Directive: Be Nice.

  1. If its Racist, Sexist, or anything-phobic, it don't belong here.
  2. Abuse, Trolling, baiting, dickish behavior or spam also doesn't belong here.
  3. Constructive criticism is welcome, Insults are not.

Other stuff:

  1. Special rights are given on an as needed basis only. If you desire rights, you may be required to show this need. Rights given will reflect the need.  Programme producers, programme hosts, and those involved in PR or marketing of content are defined as having a need.
  2. Access to the broadcasting platform is on an as needed basis only. As this involves access to a private host, this is likely to be restricted to one person per programme. Special wiki rights does not correspond to broadcast platform access, and vice versa.
  3. Until launch, we may restrict use of the chatroom until we are ready for our secret plans to become active.
  4. Scheduling will be done ideally on a consensus basis with all active programme producers, with each programme scheduled to be broadcast in a week having one vote
  5. Programmes with a regular timeslot will receive priority on keeping that timeslot, unless there is a pressing need to pre-empt it (eg - a special event).
  6. In the failure to achieve consensus on a particular time slot, the Director-General will make the final decision.
  7. Remember to separate the character from the person voicing the character. Some of our hosts or characters may say some disagreeable things in character that may otherwise seem to break our rules; this shouldn't be taken to be the personal view of the person broadcasting it and should be taken just part of the show.
  8. You can't stop the music. Nobody can stop the music.